I’m a Mommy Blogger Now. I’m Sorry.

Hello world, I’m back from the dead. During the past 3+ years, I moved to NJ, got a dog, had a baby, moved again, became a working mom, lost what little social life I had, etc., etc., etc. But I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot during this time, because I’ve become more of a consumer than ever before. Because I like to compensate for the fact that I spend 85% of my child’s waking hours away from her by researching and buying tons of stuff for her online.

nosefrida-the-snotsucker-nasal-7898I wish I were joking about this.

Anyway, I’m back, and I guess I’m technically a mommy blogger now– since I am someone’s mommy and I blog, and most of what I blog about now is inevitably going to be something kid-oriented. For example, this thing called Nose Frida. If you can believe it, this is one of my most exciting purchases this past year — a device for sucking out your baby’s snot with your own friggin’ mouth. SERIOUSLY.

But anyway, yeah, it’s so simple but was worth its weight in gold last time Baby A had a cold. I used it with the Boogie Mist, and it was magic. She didn’t like it at first, but then she was so congested and in distress, and later, when she realized what it was doing for her, she started coming to me and tapping her nose whenever she needed it. Not gonna lie, it was pretty dang cute.

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