Ace Power from Korea

Ohmygod, Korea is killing me with these weird weight loss/fitness contraptions. This one is called Ace Power, and it’s supposed to give you the workout benefits of horseback riding. Which sounds fine, except… it looks like this. And you thought the Shake Weight was bad, huh?

Well, this product is a “solution to obesity” and promises to help firm up your bum and hips, strengthen your core and lower body. It’s especially recommended for old men, who have weak backs and lower bodies, and women, who have obese lower bodies or whatever. It’s an exercise machine that you can use “anywhere, anytime!”

Some highlights from the infomercial:
“All you have to do is ride it!”
“Your body will be transformed to an “S-line!”
“Just three minutes will give you the effects of a 30 minute workout!”
“Open your legs and sit and stand, sit and stand. Wow! You can feel the power going into your thighs, butt… pelvis!”

So the big question is, Do these Koreans KNOW what this looks like?
Yes, yes, I believe that they do.
Because at around 4:09, a middle aged-man shares an intimate story of how Ace Power spiced up “changed” his marriage:

“My wife would always greet me with a grimace,” he says (footage shows wifey turning away from man in bed!). “I used to hate coming home, so I wandered outside* a lot. But my wife has really changed! Hahaha, why, you ask? Oh, I’m not telling! Anyway, things have really changed, hahaha!”

The ad calls Ace Power the exercise that is “most recommended to middle-age couples.” Hmmm…

Anyway, price is 79,800 won, which is just a little over $70! It seems that it is only sold through infomercials in Korea, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before it hits your local H-Mart. I can’t wait!

* I hope this is euphemism for “visited lots and lots of prostitutes!”

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2 Responses to Ace Power from Korea

  1. Bee says:

    omg i’m dying here! i’m dying. i’m embarrassed for these poor people who had to be in this commercial. so funny and yet so troubling!

  2. Kim says:

    Oh, Eunnie, where do you find these?! LOL

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