elevators at The Gap in Hong Kong

Every time I go to The Gap in Hong Kong Central, I shake my head at this elevator on the lower level of the store. Can you see in this picture what I might be complaining about?

Yes, the stairs. THE STAIRS that you have to go down after you take the elevator to the lower level. I’ve seen many helpless moms struggle with their babies’ strollers down these seven steps after they get off the elevator. And I don’t even know what you’d do if you were in a wheelchair. Maybe you just hang out on the landing and point to the stuff while a salesperson runs around fetching them for you?

The Husband, who is much more forgiving than I, thinks that there must be some really good reason why they did this. Some kind of structural challenge that wouldn’t allow the elevator be built down to the ground level. Well, that’s probably true; no idiot would intentionally design something like this, but then couldn’t they add a ramp or something???

On the brighter side, the stairs seem to serve as a nice resting area for pregnant ladies and bored kids. I’ve always believed that it is important for retail spaces to include areas for customers/their companions to stop and catch their breath. Because shopping is exhausting, y’all.

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