“The Hunger Games” poster in China

“The Hunger Games” was never released in China, but that has not kept the Chinese people from ripping off the movie poster. Prominently displayed all over Shenzhen are these ads for Suning, a major Chinese electronics retailer. Katniss and Peeta are pasted all over elevators and subway platforms, unwittingly promoting electronic appliances at cheap prices all over Shenzen.

I say “unwittingly,” because I’m taking a huge leap here and assuming that Suning has not been authorized to use the movie posters to sell TVs and headphones.

This is weird to me on many levels.

1. What does “The Hunger Games”/Jennifer Lawrence/Katniss have to do with selling electronics?

2. OK, so let’s assume that the connection between electronics and THG is not important. Maybe they just want to ride the coattails of the movie’s success. But nobody I met in China seems to have heard of “The Hunger Games.” And Jennifer Lawrence is not very well-known in China. So… this image would be a little lost on the Chinese consumers, no?

3. Where did they find this image? What were they thinking when they decided to rip it off in the ads? How is it that even a company as big as Suning seems to have no consideration for intellectual property? I mean, seriously, why do they have to live up to the stereotypes so darn frequently?

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