ask and ye shall receive

The last time we were in Hong Kong, The Husband and I made a spontaneous decision to go see a movie. I say it was spontaneous, because we usually bring sweaters and jackets with us, as it is usually, like, 50°F in those theaters.

So right as we were preparing ourselves for 2 hours of teeth chattering, TH decided to ask an attendant if the theater had any blankets. I thought it was a pretty dumb idea (why would theaters have blankets?), but strangely enough, they said yes! So we put down a $200 HKD deposit and borrowed two fleece blankets that kept us warm through the show.

So I guess the moral of the story here is that when you need something, you should always ask? This is an important lesson, because I hate asking for things. Also: I feel that I now need to investigate the availability of blankets at movie theaters. Do all HK theaters have blankets or just the one we went to? What about theaters in the US? Or other parts of Asia? And how many blankets to do they keep at each theater? I am also curious to find out if they clean the blankets after each use. (I really hope so)

Anyway, if all movie theaters do have blankets, they should really start marketing that service better and maybe even charge a little for it. And if they don’t, theaters really should start, because I can tell you that that is a major pain point for most movie-goers I know.

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