Binch by Lotte

I bought this box of cookies in Seoul not because it looked delicious, but because its name cracked me up. Binch. Looks a lot like that other word that begins with “Bi” and ends with “ch.” There’s also something about that old English font that just screams “BI_CH!!” to me.

What’s strange is that its Korean name — if spelled phonetically into English — would be closer to “Bintz.” So whose idea was it to call it “Binch”? What came first, the English name or the Korean name? Did they know about the other B-word? WAIT A MINUTE, WAS IT INTENTIONAL?!!!

Those sneaky little marketing geniuses at Lotte, what are they up to???

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2 Responses to Binch by Lotte

  1. Bee says:

    Maybe it was supposed to be blintz…
    What does it taste like??

    • eunnie says:

      it’s pretty good. nothing too unusual, though — just a plain biscuit with a layer of milk chocolate.

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