going to the movies in China and Hong Kong

Since moving to this part of the world last year, we have been to see two movies: The Hunger Games (in Hong Kong a few weeks ago) and The Avengers (in Shenzhen, tonight!). We noticed that the movie theater experience is a bit different from what we’re used to in the U.S.

In Hong Kong and China:
You get to pick your seats when you buy your tickets. It’s sort of like buying concert tickets, where they show you a seating chart in relation to the screen and you choose where you want to be. I’m not sure if I really like this system, because sometimes I choose my seats based on what kind of people are sitting nearby (read: avoid children, groups of teens, tall people, etc.)

In Hong Kong: They sell alcohol in the theaters! They have this huge fancy bar and everything!

They also sell popcorn, soda, candy and all that other stuff we’re used to. But they also sell big sausages. Did I ever tell you about how people around here eat a lot of sausages/hot dog wieners?  Well, they do. They sell them everywhere, usually on a long skewer. 

In China: The tickets were RIDICULOUSLY expensive. We paid around $290 HKD for four people (~$9 USD per person) in HK, including a 10% discount for having an HSBC card. In China, we paid  about $18.50 USD per person, and then we had to pay for our 3D glasses on top of that. You have to buy your glasses separately, which annoyed me greatly. I watch 3D movies about once every two years, and these glasses are just going to end up in my junk drawer. And you can bet that I won’t have these glasses with me the next time I go to a 3D movie. It’s also bad for the environment, people!

But! The husband got pretty psyched about buying the 3D glasses, because the theatre had something neither of us had ever seen before — clip-on 3D glasses that you can wear over your regular pair:

You can even flip them up, like this. Wow, so sexy.  

And it appears that they’re made right here in Guangzhou: 

The husband was so excited that he started searching on-line to see if they have these kinds of glasses in the U.S. theaters, too. It seems that they sell them on Amazon.com and a few other sites at about $8 – $20 (ours was about $4.60 and my regular 3D glasses were about $1.50). I don’t know if the U.S. theaters have these clip-on styles yet, but the husband was wondering if they have them in China because so many people wear glasses in this country (Is this true? I don’t even know — but maybe people who wear glasses notice these kinds of things more?).

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