V-lines in asia

Every few years, there seems to be some new ridiculous trend in Korea that dictates what random, inorganic shape your body is supposed to resemble. For example: they say an ideal female body supposedly has an S-line profile, with large breasts and butt. There are also X-lines and M-lines, and so many other kinds of “lines” that there’s even a glossary of Korean Body Lines. GAHHH!

Anyway, nowadays, it’s all about the V-line on your face, which is achieved when you have a sharp chin and skinny face. When I was in Korea recently, V-lines were discussed a lot on television. And I guess these arbitrary Korean beauty ideals are being spread all over Asia, because these ridiculous V-Line sheet masks (by Missha, a Korean beauty brand) are being sold on Hong Kong Groupon now. 

I guess it’s not surprising that Korean beauty ideals would affect those of other Asian countries — especially when you consider the popularity of Korean pop culture and dramas all over Asia. I’ve noticed that in China, for example, people seem to hold this stereotype that Korean women are very beautiful. I’ve heard this numerous times, from students, co-workers, even cab drivers, and I’m convinced that it is because most of the Korean women they are exposed to are those dainty, pretty actresses in Korean dramas. The recent surge of Chinese tourists going to South Korea for plastic surgery probably has something to do with this generalization, also.

I have nothing nice to say about all this. I hate these narrow definitions of beauty and I hate that Korea has to be the one perpetuating this beauty myth all over Asia.  I also hate stereotypes and I think it’s unhealthy for us to make generalizations about whether an entire country of women is beautiful or not.
Although… if I have to be totally honest, I would probably say that I prefer this over Korea being known as a country of unattractive women. But still! I don’t like it!

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4 Responses to V-lines in asia

  1. Bee says:

    I have also heard of this stereotype. Funny story for you:
    A friend of mine, T, worked at a bakery. An Asian woman comes in to buy something. She asks T during the transaction, “Oh, are you from Korea? You’re so pretty.” And T says something like, “Oh, haha, no, I’m Chinese. But thanks for the compliment! Haha! It’s so nice when you’re Chinese and people think you look Korean, right?” And the woman replies flatly, “I’m Korean.” Ba-BOOM!

  2. Michelle says:

    Haha I do like K-pop,korean dramas and the like, and i’ve always been jealous of their flawless beauty! But deep down, i know its all probably from plastic surgery 😛

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