I just opened up my inbox to the world’s greatest email. Well, ok, I could think of a couple other messages that could make me happier, but this really is the best thing I’ve gotten in a long time. And the announcement is…  drumroll please… J.CREW IS SHIPPING TO CHINA NOW!!

OH, J.CREW, MY DARLING! I have missed you so much! My sweet, preppy, slightly overpriced maker of classic, occasionally weird clothes, WELCOME TO CHINA!

But seriously, though, what took them so long? They should just open up a warehouse in China and ship to all the Asia Pacific regions from here, because most of the J.Crew’s clothes are made in this part of the world anyway. Besides, don’t they realize how much Asians love their clothes? Every Korean person I know shops at J.Crew. And China needs some help from retailers like J.Crew. Shipping out here is a good first step, but I don’t understand why they haven’t opened stores around here — like, 10 years ago. Seriously, Mickey Drexler, you need to get on that.

UPDATE: I found a WSJ article about J.Crew expanding overseas. Apparently the stores in Japan were kind of a fail and Drexler is now proceeding cautiously with the other countries.

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