“the hunger games” in china (???)

My latest obsession, The Hunger Games, is opening all over the world this weekend, and some of us have been wondering if it will be released in China. I mean, considering the subject matter (totalitarian government, coup d’etat, youth revolt, etc., etc.) you could kinda see why this country might not be entirely comfortable with THG opening here and becoming a huge blockbuster hit and stuff. Especially since China only allows 20 foreign movies to be shown each year*, I’d think that they would want to reserve that quota for other, safer titles — like Kung Fu Panda XIII or something.

So I poked around on-line and found this article in The Hollywood Reporter that says THG has been okayed by Chinese authorities to come to China.  YAYY!! But then when I check the release dates on imdb.com, I see Hong Kong but no China. Boooooo!! So does that mean it’s not coming to mainland China? Did they lie to us? Why won’t someone just tell us the truuuuuuuth?!!!

But I guess a better question might be — does it really matter to the average Chinese consumer whether or not these movies are released? Because theatre ticket prices are disproportionately expensive here, and  all sorts of pirated copies will manage to find their way onto the city streets in a couple of weeks anyway.

*UPDATE: It appears that the film quota was recently increased to 34 movies — as long as 14 of those films are in 3D or IMAX formats. Fun fact that no one cares about: I have never seen an IMAX movie. And 3D movies give me motion sickness.

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  1. Felicia says:

    We went to see the Hunger Games last night. It was a lot better than Twilight. You should take a visit to Hong Kong and go watch it when it comes out!

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