milk powder in china

I’ve been talking to my Chinese friends about starting my own business. My idea was to create a little on-line jewelry shop, but they keep telling me that the money is in importing milk powder to China. No one trusts the milk powder in this country since that horrible scandal in 2008, and consumers are willing to pay top prices for the imported stuff. Around here in Shenzhen, many people buy milk powder from Hong Kong and lug it across the border.

But then I was curious why so many people are reliant on milk powder to begin with. I thought that in a country like China, where they don’t even use a lot of disposable diapers, more people would be likely to breastfeed. But my sources tell me that many Chinese women believe that breastfeeding is bad for their figure (read: makes their breasts saggy) and also, most Chinese women have to go back to work and leave their babies with the grandparent, so breastfeeding is not an easy option. Breast pumping is not very common, from what I’ve gathered. Very very interesting.

Sooo.. should I throw my jewelry biz idea out the window and look into milk powder instead? There’s money to be made! Gazillions!

UPDATE: I just found this old article that discusses how majority of Chinese women do not breastfeed. Doesn’t mention the figure problem, but it does make some interesting points.

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2 Responses to milk powder in china

  1. felicia says:

    Two words. Milk. Solutions. Aka Project JUGS. Ajay and Steven can back me up on this. We have some sweet prototypes you can use.

    • eunnie says:

      can you guys all move to china so that we can start this business together and all become gazillionaires? that’s what MBAs do, isn’t it?

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