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whenever i’m returning from a trip to Hong Kong, i like to look around at the border to see what people are bringing back to China. and without fail, i always see people carrying many packages of diapers. we have diapers in China as well, so i am guessing that they buy them in HK because:
A. diapers are cheaper in HK
B. they don’t have this brand in China (unlikely).
and of course, there’s always:
C. many diapers in China are fake and made with potentially toxic materials that could burn your baby’s bum.

you may think that C is ridiculous, but it’s not! it is my friends in China who are always warning me to beware of fake food/toxic everything, including eggs. many Chinese people still buy their baby formula from HK because of the scandal in 2008. my Chinese coworkers also prefer to buy their makeup and beauty products in HK, although i’m not clear on whether the reason is safety or variety or price.

in the case of diapers, though, i think it is the price. for some reason, there are many items that are far cheaper in HK than in China. i’ve heard that toiletries, like shampoo and toothpaste are cheaper. so is Yakult, which was like my crack cocaine as a child (and is still). i’m going to have to start doing some research to figure out how much the prices vary and if there are any other reasons for lugging these massive packages of goods across the border.

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