it’s a fake, fake world

i became a lot more aware of intellectual property issues since The Husband went to law school. now i notice infringements everywhere — fake handbags, DVD copies, celebrities’ faces on random posters,etc., etc., and once you start seeing them, you can’t un-see them. they! are! everywhere! for example, here are just a few we noticed during our travels:

Barbie store (in Seoul), with the vintage profile of Barbie and everything! except… i don’t recall the brand launching a line of women’s shoes.

If you can’t afford The North Face outerwear, there’s always The Red Face (in Seoul). btw, i do not recommend image googling “The Red Face.” very frightening images of faces with red skin disorders will emerge.

Polo Villae in Chengdu, China. Not to be confused with Polo Ralph Lauren. If you DO get confused, just look at the little logo: Villae has a side profile of a man and horse playing polo, whereas RL Polo has a front profile. Or you can just look at the clothing. shouldn’t be hard.

Haiyatt Hotel in Chengdu. it seems that there isn’t a real Hyatt in Chengdu. which is a good thing, because i imagine that would lead to a lot of missed connections: “I’m waiting for you at the Hyatt, where are you?” “What do you mean? I’m standing in front of the Haiyatt!” so on, so forth.

Anmani / Givh Shyh in Chengdu was my favorite. it’s just so… ballsy. like, someone woke up one morning and said, “i’m going to open a clothing store, and it’s going to be called Anmani / Givh Shih, and it will be CLASSY, dammit!” also: they couldn’t just choose one wannabe designer name? had to have both?
in related note, there’s an “Armani Tailor” on every block in Thailand, especially on the islands. Some are called just Armani, some are G. Armani, others just come right out and call themselves Giorgio Armani. This one even has a website. Again: ballsy 

i should also add that i saw a picture of Scarlett Johansson on a korean plastic surgery ad, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker endorsing some fur in korea, and Victoria Beckham on an ad for one of the zillions of Armani tailors in Krabi, Thailand. oh, and i saw a sloppy copy of a Marc Jacobs bag being sold under a different brand, but at a HIGHER price than the original MJ bag. umm, what? seriously?

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