market research and more bare bottom babies

since i am an aspiring market researcher, i think it is important for me to take some time to step back on a regular basis and reflect on my product — this little blog, that is. who are my readers? how are they getting here? what are they most interested in? pretty basic stuff, you see.

well, after another thorough review of my blog’s traffic data, i am saddened and disturbed to report that most of my readers seem to stumble upon my blog by searching for naked babies and bare bottoms. i noticed this trend a couple months ago, and hoped that it would stabilize as i populate my blog with other, more savory, topics. well, it appears i was mistaken. my blog will forever be associated with naked babies of china, and “bare bottom babies” will forever be my #1 popular post.

what would a real marketing executive do in this situation? would she abandon the bare bottom baby and try to reposition her product and message to reach her target audience more effectively? ORrecognizing that there is a high demand for bare bottom babies-related content in the market, would she then decide to milk it for all it’s worth and just start churning out more bare bottom baby stories, bare bottom baby T-shirts, keychains, pens, garden gnomes, and position herself as the authority on all things bare bottom baby-related?

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  1. Bee says:

    This is quite a pickle! Whooooo could be searching for either of those topics separately?

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