magic, magic, magic

Every time I go to a korean hair salon, I learn that they’ve invented some new, super techy-sounding perm. There’s regular perm, digital perm, magic perm, straight perm, roll-straight perm, air wave perm, thermal wave perm, blah blah blah. seriously, who can keep track? The only perm I care about is magic perm, a.k.a. thermal reconditioning, which I tried for the first time about 10 years ago and totally changed my life. Amazing stuff. Love, love, love.

Anyway. Since coming to korea a couple weeks ago, I’ve discovered that there’s yet another new perm, called volume magic perm. I wanted to try it, but perms are a pretty big investment of time and money, so you gotta know what you’re getting. I poked around on-line, asked some hairstylists, and this is what I figured out: 

Magic perms make your hair all glossy and straight and amazing, but your hair turns out super pin-straight. I’m talking, like, Avril Lavigne-straight. This can be lovely for longer, thicker hair, but it can look a little unnatural on short hairstyles, especially if you have thin hair.

Volume magic perms also make your hair all glossy and straight and amazing, but your hair is set so that it has a little more, well, volume. The stylist tries to lift the roots  and curl in the ends. It’s great for bobs — so that the ends have that little C shape (like the picture on the right) instead of sticking totally straight. Hairstylists said they recommend it most for short hairstyles, and it usually doesn’t come out quite right on longer styles.

Of course, the best thing about magic perms (both volume and non-volume kind) is that they last forever. Until you cut your hair off, your hair will remain as straight as the moment you walked out of the salon, without any help of blowdryers or straight irons. It’s total “wash-and-go” hair. AWESOMENESS. This is why I say magic perms changed my life.

Anyway, i got the volume magic today, and it looks a lot like that picture (right) I posted above. I won’t really know what it’s like until a couple days later, when I wash it for the first time, so I will update y’all later. Wish me luck.

UPDATE (Feb. 7): After several washings, hair has kept its C shape! It’s not as perfect in the back, but it’s pretty darn good. I give volume magic a solid A-.

UPDATE (May 8): After several months, I’m not sure I am such a huge fan. The C shape became a slight S shape (you can see in some of my photos from April). Perhaps I needed to blow-dry my hair everyday? I don’t know, but I think the regular magic straight perm is more predictable. And now I’m worried about getting another haircut, because I worry that I will lose the tapering at the ends. I am changing my volume magic rating to a B.

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4 Responses to magic, magic, magic

  1. ajay says:

    can men get perms? i’m grownin my hair out and it looks gross

  2. Felicia says:

    I want one!!! Jealous. Take me to Korea with you next time!

    • eunnie says:

      totally! but i think you may be able to find volume magic at certain korean hair salons in the US. maybe in jersey or even near burlington area in MA? i know for sure that most asian hair salons offer regular magic perms.

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