holidays in hong kong: part 1

my family celebrated new year’s day in hong kong. after spending one week going everywhere together in shenzhen, we split up for several hours to explore hong kong on our own. this was the first time the husband and i explored central hong kong, as we’ve always stayed in kowloon.

things we saw: 

a store called marijuana. wait, is marijuana legal in hong kong? no, it appears not.

a store called hysteric glamour. for people who are so glamourous that it’s hysterical.

a store that is too cool to have a name. so cool, but not good for branding, you guys!

the most appropriately-named store in the world. a bra boutique called Boobies Bubies.

i’ve never eaten at a Hard Rock Cafe in any city. i always assume it’s kinda like Hooters — mediocre food, packed with obnoxious frat boy types that chug beer and talk too loudly. am i wrong? someone set me straight.

i don’t know if i’d have much confidence in any electrical items purchased from a  company named Hokey Ho Kee.

a restaurant called “the monogamous chinese.” yes, i approve.

the monogamous chinese, a closer look!

an umbrella vending machine at just about every metro stop. i don’t know why more cities don’t have these. umbrellas come in multiple colors, has a 180 day warranty, and they only cost about $10USD each.

a canon printer ink cartridge vending machine, also at the metro stop (next to the umbrella vending machine). printer ink is not exactly the kind of thing i often buy impulsively at vending machines, but whatever. different strokes for different folks, i suppose.



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