modern toilet: our belated anniversary dinner

we discovered Modern Toilet restaurant during our first week in china, and we vowed to celebrate our first wedding anniversary by dining at this fine, poop-themed institution. unfortunately, we got sick on the big day and had to celebrate closer to home, but we’d been dreaming  (slight exaggeration) of going back ever since.

several months later, we finally returned, and it was so… so… interesting.  (we also had a hard time finding this restaurant again, and The Husband had to draw pictures of toilets to ask for directions — it was kinda hilarious/embarrassing for us and probably very confusing for the chinese people we approached.) when we finally arrived, we saw a man wearing a giant poop costume in front of the restaurant. inside, everything was bathroom-themed, as we expected. i don’t know what to say about this place, except the food was good, the service sucked, and they really stayed committed to this bathroom theme in every aspect. let me just show you:

The tables were glass-covered bathroom sinks filled with bath toys.

there were some private rooms that were designed to look like little saunas.

"ahhh! refreshing!!"

seats were shaped like little toilets. they even had the two flush buttons on the back.

our hot chocolate milk tea arrived in a toilet-shaped mug.

i drank from the toilet. i could take this further and tell you about how i drank some warm brown fluid from the toilet, but i am far too classy to make a joke like that. 

our french fries arrived in a green bathtub. it should be noted that what we ordered were spicy waffle fries, and what we got were regular fries that were neither waffle-shaped nor spicy. when we asked the waiter what happened to our original order, he said, “oh, we don’t sell that anymore, so we gave you this instead.” errr… whaaaaat??

my quesadillas came arrived in something that looks like… i guess it’s a sink? i dunno. our neighbors got desserts that arrived in a huge bowl/plate that looked like one of those squat toilets. it was very impressive, but we didn’t have room.

Modern Toilet souvenirs available for purchase! poop dolls for everyone!

at the end of our meal, i used Modern Toilet’s bathroom, and irony of all ironies, MODERN TOILET DID NOT HAVE A MODERN TOILET. no. it had a squat toilet! what?! WHAT?!! i can’t even. no. goodbye.

ps: i have to tell ya, there is something about asian cultures that seems to celebrate poop much more than the western cultures. i see it in tv shows and cartoons and even regular people, the way they talk about it and joke about it. and when my brother was in korea a couple years ago, he took pictures of a street vendor that is selling “poop bread.” eww. TH, being the corn-fed american that he is, wasn’t so comfortable with the theme at Modern Toilet. he complained several times that he felt like the food at MT was unsanitary for some reason.

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8 Responses to modern toilet: our belated anniversary dinner

  1. Felicia says:

    I think this is perhaps my most favorite post of yours… ever. Eric’s expressions are priceless. Who WOULDN’T want a toilet-shaped mug???

  2. Kim says:

    Alas, we finally get to see what Modern Toilet Restaurant is like!

    Did you get a toilet mug to go?

  3. Ji-Soo says:

    well, was the food any good?

    that korean poop bread is apparently famous. i just saw it featured on an episode of ‘the kimchi chronicles,’ starring the wife of jean-georges.

    • eunnie says:

      the food was ok. my quesadillas were decent, but eric’s pasta was weird. also, it was kinda expensive by chinese standards (about $15 for the whole meal)
      everybody seems to be talking about the kimchi chronicles! i don’t trust that woman, though. she recommends adding cheese to mung bean cakes, and that just seems really wrong.

  4. Anna says:

    Wow. Amazing. Definitely my favorite post – even better than the pooping babies. I want that hot chocolate mug.

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