happy cyber monday!

oh, hello! sorry i’ve been MIA. i’ve been too busy traveling around the world and spraying money in four different currencies. the consummate consumer is making a major comeback, y’all!

i have lots to talk about, but i need time to get my photos and other crap together. today, i wanted to stop to commemorate this special day* called cybermonday, when i can watch my inbox fill up with insane on-line offers and beat myself for purchasing** that boden.com jacket 1 week ago at full price when i should have waited for the 30% off cyber monday deal. i should have known, but there is no thanksgiving or black friday or even x-mas in china, so i completely forgot about this shopping phenomenon. whatever. live and learn, i guess.

anyway, in the coming days, i will tell  you about some new and exciting things i experienced during our money-spraying tour of SE Asia:

1. eating durian: this time for real
2. ruthless bartering: The Husband’s hidden talent
3. hawker stands in Singapore: eat ’til you bust, then suffer
4. 24-hour electronic store in Singapore; The Husband cries tears of joy
5. customer satisfaction: lower expectations = happier customers
6. custom-made clothing: i give up
7. THE BEST THING EVER: fish spas in malaysia

* it’s tuesday in china right now, but still only 9:40 p.m. on cybermonday in the US.
**i’m going to see my brother on x-mas, and i’ve been ordering stuff so that he can bring them to me next month.

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  1. Kim says:

    Do elaborate on the fish spas…

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