pffft, took you long enough

oh, look, Neiman Marcus has finally decided to join the rest of the world by accepting Mastercards and Visas. well, it’s about time, isn’t it?

i’m always a little irritated by these stubborn businesses that only accept American Express or cash or some other inconvenient form of payment. i mean, seriously. do you want my business or not? once, i had to go to NM about a week before my wedding (last minute makeup run — total emergency!), and i had to write out a check and show all these IDs and stuff because i didn’t have an AmEx. and then when i tried to return one of the items a couple weeks later, it was this huge, time-consuming process where i had to go to three different counters and talk to five different employees and i was eventually paid back in cash — nickels, pennies, and all.

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  1. Kim says:

    That is so bazaar! I thought Visa/ MC were excepted EVERYWHERE! I try to use my Amex or Discover cards most b/c of the rebates, and usually have a hard time with it. So, will we be seeing new purchases from you soon?

    Miss ya!

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