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halloween dilemmas

china doesn’t celebrate halloween for the most part, but our school is *transnational,* so we’re going to have a costume party on monday. everybody’s been talking about their (lack of) costumes, and a few of us in the office have … Continue reading

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instant game scratch-offs: chinese style

many restaurants in china give you a stack of these tickets after you pay your bill. at first, The Husband and i thought they were gift certificates and got pretty excited. but then our chinese friends set us straight: these … Continue reading

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custom-made clothing in china

in case you missed it, The Husband and i went to Luohu many many weeks ago to get some clothes custom made. i had been looking forward to this forever, and i was blogging about it long before we ever … Continue reading

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comparison shopping: oil control film

today’s topic: skincare! woo hoo! so exciting!  i’ve been using various types of oil absorbing sheets since i was a teenager, and i haven’t found anything better for getting the shine off your T-zone than the film kind (made mostly by … Continue reading

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asian fit jeans

when we were in Chengdu, China, we stopped at a Levi’s store (which, btw, has an interesting history of exit and re-entry in China, and has successfully established itself as a super hot brand in this country), and saw these jeans … Continue reading

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tissues vs. paper handkerchiefs

i never leave home without a pack of tissues, because i have unpredictable allergies. i also tend to spill things a lot and get weird stuff on my face.  so one of the first things i did after arriving in china … Continue reading

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the art of buying art

i tend to feel pretty confident when shopping for most things because i know what i like and don’t like. but there are a few exceptions. i struggle when making decisions about the following: 1. electronics (they bore me to … Continue reading

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ladies only zone

WARNING: the following blog entry contains graphic (well, ok, it’s not that graphic but it kinda is) descriptions relating to womanly issues and may not be suitable for all readers. please do not click “continue reading” unless you are — … Continue reading

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someone needs to re-evaluate their meaning map

what?! sells beauty products now? and also housewares? is zappos trying to become the next Amazon or something (actually, i’m pretty sure Amazon owns Zappos)? can a retailer known almost exclusively for selling shoes really convince its customers that it … Continue reading

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big boots for big calves

i have a love/hate relationship with shopping for boots. LOVE because boots are amazing and they keep your pants from getting all dirty from the snow/wet ground, and they pretty much go with everything — dresses, skirts, jeans, whatever. HATE because … Continue reading

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