obsession: SKG Electric Stock Pot

living without a kitchen has made me a very happy woman for the most part, because there is 1. no cooking. 2. no cleaning. 3. (virtually) no grocery shopping 4. no rotting stuff in the fridge/garbage and 5. did i mention no cooking?

don’t get me wrong, i enjoy cooking once in awhile, but i deplore the neverending cycle of putting food on the table day-after-day, meal-after-meal, wasting your precious brain energy figuring out what to make with what you’ve got, slaving over the stove for hours, only to have the meal be scarfed up in 20 minutes. and then what you’re left with is a pile of dirty dishes and leftovers to put away. I! Hate! That!

anyway. moving on. i’ve been perfectly happy not cooking, so i’ve been avoiding buying any sort of cookingware — no rice cooker, electric kettle, hot plate, etc.  but recently, i decided that i want to be able to boil water and maybe make ramen once in awhile on days we miss the cafeteria hours. remembering this little Rival Hot Pot i had in college, i looked for something similar on china’s 360buy.com and found something even better  — for about $13 USD. my friend/dealer Luna ordered it for me, and as always, it arrived in less than 24 hours.

we used the pot for the first time last night, and it is awesome. it’s easy to use and easy to clean, it boils super fast, and i loooove looooove that it’s multifunctional. last night, we used it to boil water for The Husband’s cup-ramen and then to make a packet of mashed potatoes that my sister-in-law (hi K! thanks K!) sent us. maybe tonight we’ll try pasta? shoot, this pot better not put me back on the cycle of cooking everyday.

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4 Responses to obsession: SKG Electric Stock Pot

  1. Kim says:

    Please pass on any recipes you can!

  2. Ajay says:

    It seems like you’re camping Eun Soo, this is almost as bad as me making grilled cheese in a pot for my internship last summer. Your The Husband yelled last night (and I heard it all the way here in DC) that is wife better get in the damn kitchen and make him a quesadilla!

    Also i am trying to convince Sagari to start reading your blog, but she is usually hesitant for any link i send her thinking that it will either be:
    a. boobies
    b. sports news
    c. things that i find hilarious and she will most likely not.
    d. youtube videos. hope you still watch that cat one.

    see if you can work some magic.

    hope to see you soon



    • eunnie says:

      there is something so cute and so creepy about a grown man signing off his messages with “xxoo, hugsies.”
      i don’t know if sagari will find this blog to be any better than boobies/sports/farting cats on youtube (honestly, is there anything better than farting cats?), but you can tell her that i will bring back gifts for my most loyal followers. however, i cannot guarantee that the present will be 1. safe 2. not defective 3. not fake.

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