a black hole called Luohu

a couple weekends ago, The Husband and i finally made our way to Luohu Commercial City, a magical 5-floor mall full of counterfeit everything. it was… i don’t know… like being in a casino, where you lose all sense of time, place, and self, and you just dissolve into a floating mass of wants and needs. yes, friends, that is exactly what happened to me. the reason it took me so long to post about Luohu is because i completely lost my senses that day.  i remember sprinting to the ATM machine 3 times, i remember shouting things like, “make it cheaper!” and “is this silk? no like cheap material!” i remember running around in circles because i couldn’t find the store i had JUST stepped out of. we ended up spending nearly 6 hours at this mall. i am so ashamed.

so… a quick overview of what we did and bought. 

1. we went to some tailors and asked a bunch of questions. i decided to get a dress and a blouse made at the first tailor. blouse cost about $25 USD and the dress about $55, i think, but i have to get back to you about the math because i ended up having to pay more later for the lining, and even more after that because it’s silk, blah blah blah.

embroidering lady

2. we went to another tailor to get another blouse made. TH also decided to get a couple shirts made. we learned that all those different tailors pretty much send their stuff to the same factory to get the clothes made. still, we wanted to try out different tailors to see how things turn out and decide which person we want to work with in the future.

3. one of my favorite items in the closet is my colorblock  Milly dress, which i got about a month before leaving the US. we spotted the “same” dress in a store window, so we went in. before i knew it, i was buying a funky, futuristic, mod-ish green dress that is supposedly a Prada copy. TH helped me shave about 150 yuan off the final price.

4. TH was going into every electronics store asking for “bluetooth speakers.” he later explained that he’s trying to create a demand for the product so that the stores start selling cheap fake bluetooth speakers.

"Protect the Intellectual Rights Strike Toughly Against Fake Selling" -- err... do they realize that they're going to have to shut the whole mall down if they want to "strike toughly"?

5. TH tried on a couple of Bally shoes and said to the storeowner, “These are not real, are they? I just want you to tell me that they are not really Bally. I just want to to hear it.” the storeowner got a distant look in her eyes and said begrudgingly, “They are not real.” sometimes i think TH really enjoys torturing people.

this weekend, we will go back to Luohu to pick up our custom-made goods. stay tuned, y’all.

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4 Responses to a black hole called Luohu

  1. bae says:

    i love TH’s ways. freakin cracks me up. making people tell the truth and setting the stage for y’alls next visit (for bluetooth speaker)

  2. Steviek says:

    I just found out you have a blog! It’s hilarious! More hilarious than the fact that I can see TH doing number 4 and 5 multiple times and constantly hahahha. I hope you guys are having fun!

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