green hats in china (Nike’s folly — possibly)

The Husband is a huge Celtics fan, and in the U.S., he is rarely seen without his green Celtics cap. in china, however, wearing a green hat has other implications. basically, you are announcing to the world that your wife/girlfriend/whatever is cheating on you. so… yeah. you understand why we’ve been leaving the Celtics hat at home.

yesterday, we were sitting with some chinese students at dinner when our conversation turned to green hats. they started laughing about a new Nike advertisement they saw recently, where the model wears a green hat with “SB” — for “skateboard.” they said it was a bad ad not only because of the green hat, but also because in china, “SB” means “stupid,” “idiot.”  “If you are wearing that hat, you’re telling everyone you’re stupid and your wife is cheating on you!” said one student.

hilarious, isn’t it? i don’t know if Nike is actually selling these hats or any products from the SB series in China, but they shouldn’t be surprised if sales tend to be on the low side. friends, this is why market research is so important. cultural differences — they kinda matter.

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3 Responses to green hats in china (Nike’s folly — possibly)

  1. Bobbi Mort says:

    Eunnie: Karen gave me your blog and it is thoroughly delightful.
    My best to you and Eric and I look forward to reading more from
    you about your adventures, etc. in China. (Save them for a book
    because you are definitely a good writer and with your good humor
    it would be a best seller!!!!)

  2. Luna says:

    This ad is so funny, no one will buy this hat in China.

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