a well-made dress from madewell

it’s been a gazillion degrees in Boston this week, so i have been hiding out indoors most days. we don’t have AC in our apartment, but if you turn on all the fans and sit very very still wearing nothing but your underwear, it’s not so bad. you have to be really still, though. even moving my fingers to type this post right now is making me sweat.

anyhoo, when the sun went down last night, i put on some clothes and went for a walk. as i was passing Madewell window on Newbury Street, i caught this dress in the corner of my eye, and i got that *feeling* i get when i just know. you know? ok, maybe you don’t. it’s a little like love at first sight and that desperate craving you get for certain foods (like when you must have nutella and nothing else will do). i don’t get this *feeling* often, but when i do, watch out!

because the store was closed, i just peered through the window and stared lustfully at the dress. i returned this morning, tried it on, loved it, and bought it. here, i can go on and on about how i shouldn’t have bought it and how i don’t deserve it, blah blah blah, but i will spare you. this isn’t the first time, sure won’t be the last time i make an impulse purchase like this.

moving on. i’ve never liked Madewell clothes before because i feel like everything they make has bat sleeves, and i can’t really pull off that bohemian-preppy-sloppy-yet-cool-with-scarves-around-everything look. i need more structure in my clothes, which is why i generally prefer more classic styles like J.Crew (which also happens to own Madewell). but this dress has a lot of fun details: the polka dot print, the asymmetrical buttons, the pleats, the pockets. it drapes nicely and i like that it’s modest without being too stuffy. i may not deserve it, but i like it!

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3 Responses to a well-made dress from madewell

  1. Hannele says:

    Lovely dress, yet I don’t really like the buttons, and was wondering if these were just sewed on or have actual button holes?
    Thank in advance!

    • eunnie says:

      Hi Hannele,
      the buttons are sewn on, so i guess you could just snip them off if you don’t like them.
      good luck and thanks for commenting!

  2. Hannele says:

    Thanks so much for replying, Eunnie, it makes my decision this much easier now!

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