all the wrong reasons

have you ever bought something at a store because you feel guilty or sorry for the salesperson?

sorry for wasting his time, guilty for making her go to the back and forth bringing out 15 different pairs of shoes, sorry that there is no one else in the store, sorry that she seems kinda old and is having a hard day, sorry because he just seems so damn nice, etc., etc.?

because… err… i have. quite often, actually.

sometimes i’d rather buy something and return it later than walk out of a store empty-handed, having wasted the salesperson’s time. i don’t know why i am like this. it’s a real problem, and sometimes i will go out of my way to avoid shops that require me to be assisted by salespeople, just so that i can spare myself the guilt later when i realize i don’t want to buy anything. i think this is why i prefer self-service shops like Sephora and on-line shopping and avoid little shops where there is a high salesperson-to-customer ratio and high-service dept like shoes and cosmetics.

i wonder if this is a common phenomenon or if i am a total aberration. i wonder if there are any studies done on folks like me???

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