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boy meets girl… and then he buys her a diamond

film dude Edward Burns has created a short film for Tiffany’s that tells stories of true love in New York. it’s pretty sweet, and i like that the couples don’t constantly drop the Tiffany name in their story, but i gotta … Continue reading

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gourmet on the go

i know that gourmet food trucks have been trendy for some time now, especially in New York and LA, but i didn’t really notice them in my neighborhood until this summer. and now they seem to be everywhere. i’m pretty … Continue reading

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hubway arrives at BU

i should really pay better attention, because back in April,  Mayor Menino apparently signed a contract with Alta Bicycle Share to bring a bike share system to Boston — one of the first in the country. The system, called Hubway, was … Continue reading

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and the award for worst airline ever goes to…

Spirit Airlines!! YAY, congratulations!! you win for being the most miserable, cheap-ass airline! you charge $40 for CARRY-ON bags! you charge $3 for soda! your seats don’t recline and you call them “pre-reclined”! WOW!! do you also charge for the … Continue reading

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branded bus stops

adweek’s “20 Clever Bus-Shelter Ads to Brighten Your Travels” features some of the coolest (and somewhat impractical) bus shelter ads. while they are all interesting, i like the ikea one (it looks comfortable), vitamin water (so practical), and Sun Smart … Continue reading

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a well-made dress from madewell

it’s been a gazillion degrees in Boston this week, so i have been hiding out indoors most days. we don’t have AC in our apartment, but if you turn on all the fans and sit very very still wearing nothing … Continue reading

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farewell, borders

so sad! borders is going out of business for good! most of us probably saw this coming for some time now. just last month, i went on a shopping spree and spent all my borders gift certificates (which the husband … Continue reading

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hello world

welcome to my new home, please bear with me as i try on a gazillion different outfits themes and find one that’s most flattering.

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flash (sale) flood

this morning, i got an invitation to, which is basically Amazon’s version of flash sales (e.g. and i poked around a little bit, and it looks…well,  just like Ruelala and Gilt. they all basically rotate the same … Continue reading

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brand vs. beliefs

i recently learned that Mickey Drexler, the CEO of my beloved brand J.Crew, is a major water hog who used 18.4 million gallons of water last year — or 115 times the average for the country — on his $10 … Continue reading

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