obsession: North Face Isabella Backpack

help me, i am obsessed with this backpack. i must have it. i don’t think i’ve ever fallen in love with a backpack before, and yet here i am, unable to get this purpley thing out of my mind.

it costs about $60 on ebags.com, which i guess is pretty decent. but i have a hard time justifying this purchase because:

1. i really want to be a minimalist. i do. and minimalists don’t own 30+ bags.

2. it’s a backpack. how often does a 32-year-old really use a backpack?

3. i DID use a backpack nearly everyday for the last 2 years — when i was an actual student. when i was at BU, i just sucked it up and used the old nasty backpack i was using in college. it seems kind of nonsensical that i’d buy a backpack NOW, 2 months after school is over.

but! but! it’s on sale! and i might need it in china! and i have a bad shoulder so i do need a backpack! i need to buy it right now because it might sell out and i may never see another backpack i like for the rest of my life!

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3 Responses to obsession: North Face Isabella Backpack

  1. Felicia says:

    I really doubt that you will EVER need a backpack again. But it is cute!

  2. Kim says:

    Buy it! I disagree, I still used my backpack for traveling and going to the beach or if I decide to walk to the store rather than driving (or in Boston) taking the T. I rarely fall in love with things, but when I do, especially when they’re on sale, I BUY them!!

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