shopping pre-china : to do or not to do

ok, so for those of you who are unfamiliar, i am headed to china for a year with The Husband because TH got a one-year fellowship in Shenzhen. it’s exciting, it’s a chance of a lifetime, blah blah, blah.

anyway, i am very concerned about how this affects my shopping plans. the facts are these:

1. shenzhen (which is about 1 hr from hongkong) supposedly has awesome shopping. fake stuff, real stuff, whatever stuff. just awesome.

2. supposedly, you can also get clothes custom-made in china. i am foggy on the specifics of WHAT you can get made (i mean, can i just bring in a photo of a badgley mischka gown and expect them to make it?), but i am still pretty excited. i have been collecting photos of dresses that i plan to get made. i have a feeling some chinese seamstress is going to laugh in my face.

3. i am not a very big girl by american standards, but i am a huge girl by asian standards. last time i went to korea, sales people would tell me at the door that they don’t carry my size. HELLO! I WEAR SIZE 6!! assuming standards are similar in china (i heard from some that it’s actually worse), i will not be able to do any off-the-rack shopping.

4. even if i could find clothes off the rack, i am thinking i will have a hard time finding the following in styles i prefer: jeans, bathing suits, i know there’s something else. maybe shoes. someone once told me that america makes the most comfortable shoes, but i may have completely imagined this conversation.

so now what? why is it that i am so preoccupied with shopping when what i SHOULD be doing is learning some freaking chinese?! priorities: i haz none.

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  1. Kim says:

    Crazy how someone as cute and petite as you could be considered “huge”, but I understand how you feel. Even my mother (who’s a size 2) wears large in Vietnam. I say, buy the basics you want from here and enjoy your navigation of shopping there. (And don’t forget to keep us updated!)

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